Mifflinburg Bank & Trust donated $5,000 to the Mifflinburg Town Clock Restoration Project.

Mifflinburg's Town Clock is housed in the tower of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is not owned by the church, but was a gift to the citizens of Mifflinburg when installed in 1898. The clock was funded by subscriptions collected from the citizens. The clock has functioned well since 1898, requiring only small incidental repairs. Over the past few years however, the clock has failed to function properly due to worn parts in the 122-year-old clockworks. In May 2019, a group of Mifflinburg citizens met to discuss whether to restore the original mechanism or replace it with an electronic clock. The Mifflinburg Town Clock Committee was formed and decided that the clock was a treasured community landmark and worthy of restoration.

MBTC's mortgage loan officer, Amber Bierly, presented the check to campaign co-chairs, Dave E. Iddings and Matthew C. Wagner.