At the Ribbon Cutting Celebration for Mifflinburg Bank & Trust's new office in Milton, the bank made donations to the Milton Public Library, Milton YMCA, The Improved Milton Experience (T.I.M.E.) and the HandUP Foundation.

Melissa Jones, MBTC community office manager for the Milton office presented all four donations.

Donation to the Milton Public Library (top left):

Accepting the donation on behalf of the Milton Public Library was Joe Moralez, board president for the Milton Public Library

Donation to The Improved Milton Experience (T.I.M.E.) (top right):
Accepting the donation on behalf of T.I.M.E. was Amanda Bradley, T.I.M.E. board president and George Venios, T.I.M.E. executive director.

Donation to the HandUP Foundation (bottom left):
Accepting the donation on behalf of the HandUP Foundation was Doug Diven, president of the foundation and Patti Snyder, assistance director for the foundation.

Donation to Milton YMCA (bottom right):
Accepting the check on behalf of the Milton YMCA was (from left to right) Bonnie McDowell, CEO of the Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA, Ron Marshall, Milton YMCA executive director and Terri Locke, Milton YMCA board president and corporate board member.